Network Homes visit our site at Bilton Road

Jun 8, 2021

On 26th May, Network Homes visited our development of 105 apartments for affordable rent and private rent sale, for a progress update, looking particularly at quality control.

The visit started with a brief discussion of the job history and then short updates on progress, planning, building control and communication with local residents.

The focus of the day was quality control, and so as part of a site walkaround, several points were covered. Network Homes were shown our extensive records of pressure testing and photographic records of all the key stages of the development, plot by plot.

Fire stopping was also a key focus. Bugler Developments has always taken building safety seriously and our development at Bilton Road features advanced measures to ensure this for future occupants. For example, all fire stopping work is recorded in forensic detail; the date of installation, the name of the installer and their qualifications, the products and photographic evidence from before and after the work has been completed. This data is then transposed onto interactive digitised plans of the development, where relevant information can be brought up with just a click using an online portal.

On site, two blocks were visited, B and C. Block C is the most advanced, and is being waterproofed and insulated. Fire stopping has started, and pipework pressure testing could also be seen.

In Block B, the RC frame is complete, with brickwork almost to roof level. Balcony details and drainage were a focus in this block.

Network Homes appreciated an enjoyable and informative visit, and commented on the quality work we were delivering.

We look forward to continued quality work as the development progresses.

Thanks to all who attended from Network Homes:
Paul Haines – Construction and Regeneration Director
Michele Haniotis – Design and Technical Manager
Rodney Ebanks – Technical Officer
Paris Oxley – Technical Quality Manager