Who We Are

The first Bugler Group Company, Bugler Developments was founded by Tom Bugler in 1982 to develop homes for private sale. Affordable Housing construction soon became a speciality and in 2001, Bugler Homes was founded to distinguish between our private house building work and Housing Association contracting. A parent company, Bugler Holdings was formed to unite the organisations.

Significant success and growth resulted from the new structure and in 2016 along with an exciting re-brand and the addition of Bugler Land, the Bugler Group was formed.

In 2017, the Group moved into the prestigious offices at 25 High Street in Rickmansworth allowing room for further growth and providing an excellent environment for staff and visitors.

The most recent chapter of the Bugler story is the formation of Bugler Living, which is the Group’s response to the buoyant Private Rental market.


To build high quality, well designed homes and continue to be a name trusted by clients and homebuyers alike. We will offer a fully integrated service to include land acquisition, construction, development, sales and aftercare.

Investment in our people, our projects & improving the performance of our business motivates everything we do.



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Chief Executive Statement

The Audited Accounts have now been finalised across the Group and I’m delighted to report that we achieved a very strong set of results for the financial year ending 31st March 2018.

We continued to successfully run all aspects of the business without any borrowing or Third Party Funding and remained in a very strong financial position with regard to cash-flow and solvency.  We also moved into our brand new headquarters in Rickmansworth and are looking forward to using this as our base as we continue to grow successfully.

Bugler Developments (“Developments”) experienced a particularly good year.  We set ourselves an ambitious target in terms of turnover and profitability and, despite not quite achieving the projected turnover, the profits for the year were beyond expectations.  More importantly, many new construction projects were secured throughout the year which has provided sufficient workload for this financial year and the following.

Bugler Homes (“Homes”) had a quieter year in terms of finances but overall it was a very positive year for Homes.   Delays in getting new jobs started meant sales were slower than expected but, notwithstanding this, Homes managed to generate a healthy profit for the year.  More importantly, the construction of new homes are now in their advanced stages at our flagship site in Watford and further sites were acquired throughout the year.

Bugler Land (“Land”) remained dormant financially as the Board decided at the start of the financial year to acquire, and on occasion trade, all land through Bugler Homes.   That said, land remained a key part of our activity whether acquiring land for future private development via Homes or by way of introduction to our clients in order to secure build contracts.

Going forward, the current financial year is looking like another very positive one, with both Homes and Developments looking well on track to achieving a very strong set of results.

Developments is also continuing to secure some exciting new projects and we are gearing ourselves up for some controlled growth in this arm of the business.

Despite the difficult market, Homes is having a very positive year with sales going ahead and further land being secured for future development.

This year we have also established our build to rent brand, Bugler Living (“Living”).  Our plan for Living remains flexible and market driven but we are strongly considering incorporating Living into the Group structure.

We have always been active in supporting community and charitable causes and at the start of this year we launched the Bugler Foundation (“the Foundation”) in order to encapsulate all this good work under one heading.   We have dedicated 1% of our annual pre-tax profit to the Foundation and we are dedicated to ensuring these funds go towards a wide range of worthwhile causes.

So, I believe the above highlights that we are in very good shape looking ahead and I’m confident that I’ll be reporting similar or better news next year.

Andy Bugler

November 2018