S.H.E. Award for the team at Burgoynes Depot

Apr 3, 2024

Our new site-based award for Safety, Health and Environmental high performance continued this month with our Q1 Award going to the team at Burgoynes Depot.

The S.H.E. Award considers internal and external site inspections scores, engagement with the community and promotion of industry best practice on site.

The team at Burgoynes Depot, in Newham, is led by Project Manager, Joe Callender; Senior Site Manager, Kieran Dooley and Site Manager, Sam Davis. Here we are building 48 apartments for shared ownership and affordable rent for the London Borough of Newham.

Ben Griffiths, S.H.E. Manager at Bugler Developments, said “The Burgoynes Depot team were selected as this quarter’s winners for their dedication to S.H.E. compliance.

This multi-storey project has presented the team with logistical challenges that have been overcome with professionalism. 

There are four separate blocks under construction concurrently with limited space to store materials. A “just in time” strategy has been adopted which the supply chain has bought into.

The site team are currently trialling the new electronic S.H.E. induction process and providing good feedback.

Throughout the project, they have received consistently good S.H.E. inspections and promote a positive culture. This is advocated by the senior management and flows through the high volume workforce.”

Well done to all the team, who receive an Amazon Voucher recognising their efforts.