Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

Mar 8, 2024

At the Bugler Group, we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2024. We have a growing team of women in roles across the business, from site to office.

This year, we asked the team their thoughts around the 2024 IWD Theme of #InspireInclusion.


What do you think should be done to inspire inclusion for women in construction?

“I believe that it would be great if young girls at school are made aware of the opportunities within construction by offering talks to students as many are not aware of the roles within construction especially management roles. I have myself as an example, I would never have known the role if I didn’t get to meet a construction company within my sixth form and hear of the opportunities out there.”



What is a positive example you’ve seen of female inclusion in construction?

“I would say that I have myself as a positive example. I was given a great opportunity to join Bugler where I have been provided responsibility and trust, however I’m still able to attend university and develop my skills/qualifications.”



“Lorna being appointed as Site Manager for Bugler Developments, along with Helena and Ramona, our two Resident Liaison Officers and Phoebe employed as Technical Coordinator whilst studying for her bachelor’s degree to further her career in Construction.”



How can we forge a more inclusive world for women?

“Recognise diversity and break down the barriers to women’s progression in workplace.

I don’t believe we need a ‘Special Day’ to mark International Women’s Day. I still believe we should celebrate the successes of women and men equally.  We shouldn’t have to remind anyone on a yearly basis that women should be treated equally.”



“Changing mindsets. Even though times are changing and women are being treated more equally, I can still see areas where people may see women as not as capable of doing the job.”