Andy Bugler had the pleasure of officially presenting our support through the Bugler Foundation to The Hope of Childs Hill charity this morning at Basing Hill Park NW11. Andy was joined by members of “THOCH”, Cllr Shimon Ryde and members of the council plus representatives from The Barnet Group including Derek Rust deputy CEO who are keen supporters of the charity.

THOCH spearheaded by Anthony Dawodu organise activities that support the local community development by promoting well-being in the Childs Hill area in Barnet. One key specific initiative that is well received and attended by the community is the provision of a range of bicycles donated by TFL for use in the park for all age groups at the weekend. This gives families who do not own or have use of a bicycle the opportunity to enjoy riding in the park.

Alongside THOCH organising and managing the initiative Barnet Council provide qualified instructors who provide instruction of levels 1, 2 and 3 of Bikeability which is designed to ensure that children and families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance that they need to make cycling part of their everyday life.